Why Work for Columbia Wellness

Columbia Wellness offers a variety of benefits and support to its employees, because we believe that to retain excellent staff you must treat them excellently. This culture of excellence is a part of everything we do, and “average” isn’t a word we know, at Columbia Wellness you will continue to grow and exceed yourself year after year. Our workplace is one that requires a cool head, quick thinking, and most importantly a cooperative mindset. When it comes to mental health, no one can do everything themselves and being able to work and communicate effectively will be a critical part of your career with us. Besides a work environment that will challenge you to grow, you can come to work every day knowing that you’re helping those injured or afflicted with behavioral health issues move closer to living a full, happy life. Why Work for Columbia Wellness of help into our facilities without discrimination or prejudice. If working with people from all backgrounds is something you enjoy, then Columbia Wellness is the perfect fit for you!

Michelle Held