Getting the Help You Need

Mental illnesses, addictions, and other traumas are, by their very nature, terrifying experiences. No one willingly chooses to afflict themselves with them, and yet many can find it very hard to speak out about how their mental state is affecting their daily lives. Mental health is, unfortunately, stigmatized in our culture although there has been a recent, positive, trend towards acceptance and understanding of those afflicted. Even as we move towards understanding and acceptance as a group, individually it can still feel impossible to admit there’s a problem or reach out to your loved ones. Fears of being shunned by those close to you, being seen as weak or otherwise worth pitying can keep even the strongest person trapped in their mental prison. Unfortunately, many times even when someone does reach out for help the people reach out to don’t take them seriously. A common response to someone saying they’re depressed is “You? You’re always smiling and laughing. You can’t be depressed!”

Responses like these aren’t mean-spirited however, they’re simply a by-product of how we deal with things as human beings. We don’t want to believe that our loved ones have been suffering for days, weeks, months, or years with a pain that we didn’t see. So instead, we try to make light of the problem. If you’re the one who’s being reached out to, it’s important to remember that this is extremely difficult for someone to do and you should take them seriously. Ask if they want to talk about their issues, how can you help them, and above all recommend to them that they seek treatment from a professional mental health practitioner. If you’re the one doing the reaching out, don’t give up if the person you’re talking to makes a joke or flippant remark. Instead make it clear that you’re being serious and that you’re really asking for their aid. You’ll be surprised how quickly those closest to you act when you really impress upon them that you’re in pain. Listen to their advice, because having a robust support network is an effective way of keeping yourself mentally fit.

Once you’ve admitted that there’s a problem, you should seek care at certified mental health facility. The staff at Columbia Wellness have seen it all, and they’ll always take you seriously. Our treatment methods are based off of building a trusting relationship with our patients, and we’ll treat you with the respect you deserve from the moment you step through our doors. Getting in contact with Columbia Wellness is as easy as calling 360-423-0203, and if you’re having a crisis you can call 360-425-6064 instead for an immediate response any time or walking in to one of our treatment centers. Columbia Wellness offers a variety of programs and treatment plans to our patients, and we also work with our patients to modify or create new treatment options that work best for them. At Columbia Wellness, we do everything in our power to make getting the help you deserve as easy and comfortable as possible. Our staff and experience puts us in a league all of our own when it comes to helping you take control of your life back.

Michelle Held